Thursday, July 31, 2008



Cadet Tom said...

the eye is pretty amazing. as is the full portrait. do you line up paintings like that on a board, or put them on your wall, or something of the sort? just wondering since you always show us like series of paintings organized side by side.

but anyway your painting always very much impresses me. what kind of paint do you usually use? i wonder.

craig said...

oil pastel on wooden panel 48"x48"

this(as the last one) is one wooden panel which is segregated into squares a la piet mondrian. my idea is that any one square could stand alone, but rather all the squares working together would convey a larger idea.

in this one, the insects are all species in which the female eats the male during sex. mashing that up against a detail of a beautiful girl globbing on make-up, the bigger idea starts to come out.

i didnt want to over depict the sexual cannibalism theme but instead just depict the insects and the model as intimate as my skill would allow.

overall, im happy the way this one came out and i am about to start a new squares piece involving Fibonacci's golden spiral, an old lady, and other weathered things.

oh and as far as the oil pastels, they are a mix of really really cheap student grade ones and for the skin tones i used the more oily more expensive pastels. i did detail with prisma color pencils in the eyelashes, hair strands, and the mantis' eye

Cadet Tom said...

wow, that was a pretty interesting insight. thank you.